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Good morning all. I am new to this forum as my 2016 eHybird is finally being delivered this AM. But as a long time p-car owner I can tell you that the dealer is pricey. That said much of the work they do is warranted for two years IIRC. The dealer I purchased the Cayenne from did the CPO inspection and refurb. I had my sales rep send me the invoices on the car for my notebook. The 40k service ran a touch over $1400. Oil change, Brake Flush and Fill, filters and the rest. You can find the CPO inspection forms and Maintenance Schedules on-line. Porsche recommends Oil Changes at 5000 mile intervals (at least for the eHybrid and brake flush and fill every two years for all their cars. In my research before pulling the trigger in buying the Cayenne, it was listed as one of the most expensive in 5 year cost of ownership factoring in depreciation, insurance and maintenance. But, if you follow the service schedules you can have the peace of mind that the vehicle will run forever barring the unforseen. I read somewhere that Porsche has the greatest percentage of vehicles still on the road since starting to build cars. The bottom line is you are buying a Porsche and nothing is cheap.
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