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Originally Posted by marcoguidi View Post
So how are you liking the coating? She finally arrived and here in Honolulu the ceramic job runs about 1700$ the whole car protective film 6k$. Acceptable?

Pricing opinion would be speculative and market may play too much of a factor. If you’re going to have the ceramic coating done - just make sure that the person doing it, was the one trained and certified for application by the ceramic coating manufacturer. Regardless of the route you go and even on a new vehicle - would have a full comprehensive paint correction performed. In contrast, the paint prep is magnitudes more significant than the ceramic coating and/or film that is applied.

At some point, there's the pragmatic artifact that there's no silver bullet and there will be trade-offs (ceramic v. film v. ceramic + film). Ceramic + film doesn't necessarily yield "better" - purpose makes a difference. Would strongly second the suggestion of using a well known and regarded, independent shop that strictly and solely focuses on this space.
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