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zboot 08-17-2019 10:16 AM

2008 Cayenne GTS For Sale (Best Offer)
2008 Cayenne GTS for sale. 405HP naturally aspirated. Asking $12000 OBO. I got it because I just couldn't deal with the lag of the twin turbo models of similar vintage. The GTS is much more fun as a daily driver. I'm selling because I'm moving to a Tesla.

Beast of a car, fast, seats 5 with space in the back for two child car seats comfortably, three if you have a mix of front and rear facing. Tows over 7000lbs. I've only towed up to 3000 (empty camper) and the car handled it like a champ. I can include the 6-pin round adapter and 3-ball hitch.

Seats in pretty good condition - slightly more wear on the driver seat as is expected and can be seen in the pictures. Heat and AC work. Front seats have seat heaters. Car has air suspension with comfort, normal, and sport setting. Comfort works amazingly well for damping out road imperfections though I mostly drive in "normal" or "sport" unless kids are in the car.

I have a dashcam system installed (Blacksys CH-100B, front and rear w/ 16GB SD card) that can be left in for a nominal fee. New battery installed in December 2018.

21" wheels on car with new tires (Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3 Plus) from Discount Tire with tire certificates (replaces tire if unrepairable due to road hazard damage for life of tire - I've confirmed these transfer to the new owner). Also have a "winter set" of 18" wheels with Nokian WRG3 SUV tires. These are "all-weather" tires from Nokian with good snow performance (better than some dedicated winter tires) while still being a good non-winter tire (which face it, is the case in CO most of the time). The Nokians have only seen one winter so will be good for 3-4 more years.

Last model year with low range transfer case. If you go offroading, you'd appreciate the crawl gearing.

- Since these photos were taken, the rear passenger side door has gotten some minor scratches/dents.
- The headlights were replacements installed by a previous owner who did not go through a Porsche dealership or shop with Porsche specific tools. The headlights work fine, but the car has not been programmed to know their specific ID and thus reports a headlight error.
- The CEL is on. This is due to overly sensitive oxygen sensor threshold. This will not prevent you from passing emissions in CO. In fact, I will provide a passing emissions test that will be dated from this weekend. I will also explain to the buyer what to do if you need to take the car in to be emissions tested in the future.

gaffa 03-03-2020 11:07 AM

Any pix you'd care to share ? I'm also curious about the door you mentioned w/the scratches and dents ? Any wetness from the motor, gearbox or transfer case ?

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