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  1. Porsche Cayenne Generation 3 Forum 2019-Current
    Just got a 2020 Porshe cayenne S with 22’ Everything g about the car is great but the exhaust could sound a bit better ( even with the sport chrono package) Anyone out there with a good exhaust? What brand what model and maybe attached videos? Thank you all
  2. Exterior Modifications Forum
    Currently have a Macan S with AWE pipes and it sounds nice and mean. The new daily Cayenne is whisper quite so looking to see what options there are. I cant seem to find anyone that makes pipes for the Base model Cayenne. Whos got what?
  3. Turbo Engine Forum
    All, As the T-Equipment catalog now offers the ability to purchase the PSE exhaust - wondering if anyone has done this? If yes, trying to determine the following: What components are in the KIT? (Is there a part breakdown that could be shared to determine what is vs. what isn't included) Was...
  4. Exterior Modifications Forum
    Just order sport exhaust system for my cayenne 2014 platinum edition, Having issues connecting the ECU, need manual, supplier not responding, Help pls
1-4 of 4 Results