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04 cayenne body molding

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Hey Everyone: I am new to the forum but not new to porsche, I recently bought an 04 cayenne (3rd porsche) which I very much enjoy, but I have lost a body panel from the tailgate. It's the narrow piece just below the window that spans the width. The part number is 95555535502, I know I can get it from my dealer, but I figure there are salvage cayennes out there. Any ideas or leads would be great. I have a body guy to paint it so color is no problem. Also I have a leak in the windshield washer system somewhere, any ideas on that? One other thing: any good links on adjusting the latch for the tailgate? I have to slam it to get it shut,very annoying Thanks
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Finding salvage Cayenne's are really hard compared to other cars. From doing previous research I figured the best way to go about getting this part is Ebay or brand new from the dealership!
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