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05 cayenne turbo intake diy help

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I am new to this forum and also a new first time porsche owner. I have a 2005 cayenne turbo. It's bone stock for now. I am ordering the fabspeed secondary cat bypass, ecu flash and intakes. As far as the intakes go I was looking at the EVO -v flow intake. I cant for the life of me figure out why it's 700.00. It is silocone/rubber piping tom a metal blockoff plate to a dry filter. With a little fabrication skills and patience and about 65.00 in parts from home depot and autozone, it would seem that it could be made in your own garage. I wanted to ask for some advice. If theres a reason to spend the money then so be it, but it seems so simple and thats just money for other upgrades. I have heard that the cayenne needs dry filyters versus the pre oiled ones. I am new so please go easy on me if this is a horrible idea or if it has been already posted. Any info will help!!!!
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