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'16 Cayenne radiator flaps stuck closed

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Base 2016 Cayenne 53,000 miles daily driver spontaneously decided to stop operating the flaps or louvers for the coolant system. Stuck closed. In Carolinas, probably do not need these at all.
Reputable mechanic isn't sure how big the fix will be; might have to pull the bumper to get at them. Could be in for $000's.
Any experiences or thoughts?
If we can defeat them left in open position, will we get check engine lights?
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I have a 2016 GTS and my louvers are in the open position and I have a fault code that there is no signal. So Mine are not operating. I was able to stick my hand in there and was able to move the louvers open and closed. Have you tried to move them to the open position by hand? There is a thread here on how to fix them 958.2 Front Louver Motor Replacement - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion Forums
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