I have a set of 19” Porsche HRE RC100 center lock 991 wheels and tires for sale. This set was made by HRE in late 2019 for a 991.2 GT3 for track use. The set was used for 1 track session and is now for sale. The set is extremely lightweight and HRE calls the color “satin gold” The wheels are in excellent condition and the tires still have between 6/32nds and 7/32nds tread (new they are 8/32nds).

They will work on all the 991 center lock cars including cars with the ceramic brakes or even larger big brake kits. They should work with the 997 GT3RS / GT2RS cars as the offsets are basically the same. The only different is the fronts here are 9.5” wide whereas the 997 uses a 9” wide front. Please see the below specs and research yourself. The tires are 265/35/19 Falken RT660 and 315/30/19 rear. No tpms.

Front wheels: 9.5X19 et45mm
Rear wheels: 12X19 et 47mm