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The Audi A2 was never the sales success that Audi had hoped for. It was technically advanced, but too expensive to build, which made it an uneconomical project.
It shares the same aluminium space frame construction with the A8 and R8 models which demanded a high retail price. It has amazing fuel economy, space for four adults and excellent build quality but with no fuel crisis. It was offered initially with a 1.4 petrol/TDI engines and later, a 1.6 petrol. In 2009/10, Audi is expected to launch the A1, model. Not a direct replacement for the A2, but it is another attempt at 'small car' sales success.

1.4 petrol could do with a little more power.

The button over the fuel door button release is the button that controls the interior sensor for the alarm, so you could try to play around with that, see what happens. You can also check if your alarm really works, by locking your car with your windows open, and waiting for about 30 seconds, then playing around, leaning into the car, see if this activates it.

Difficult to say really without running a diagnostics. It would normally indicate that a door/boot is open which you are aware of. Not sure if there is a switch on the service flap/bonnet or fuel flap? As a matter of interest do the interior lights work when each door is opened?

The siren only goes off when unlocking. If the battery in the alarm wasn't holding charge wouldnt the siren go off randomly? It only happens when I first unlock the car.

It could be a faulty door lock microswitch. I had a similar problem with the boot lock which triggered the alarm after a few seconds if the boot was opened first.
Try opening one of the other doors first to see if it makes any difference. Also check the flash sequence of the LED on the drivers door when locking the car - the attached post gives more details .ATEQ VT55 OBDII TPMS
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