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Hi all new user and new Porsche owner and I’m in need of help.
I can’t seem to get the wheel cowls away from the body enough to clear the drainage plugs I undo the bolt and screws from the rear and underneath but I can get the cowl over the mounting bracket from the 2nd screw up (not counting the one under the car)

how on earth do you do this it just seems like I’m ether going to bend the bracket or damage it in some way. I’ve tried pushing it i Towards the engine before I pull it out over but nope tried bending it round the mounting bracket but that just feeling like I’m going to brake it.
All the videos just show them being easyer pushed towards the wheel and then they reach inside and pull the plug… well for me this is not happening at all. Any help and step by step how to get it over that mounting bracket would be amazing cheers.
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