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Alright guys, so I just picked up a SUPER clean 2005 Cayenne Turbo. It has all the goodies, tow package, front and rear ac, front and rear heated seats, navigation, Fiber Optic iPod interface adaptor, and FULL service records down to every bulb that has been replaced. This thing is in fantastic shape, the leather is perfect, engine runs very quiet, trans shifts perfectly, 0 rock chips on the hood, it is in 10/10 condition.

So I have a few questions. I picked this up for a STEAL by just trading my Subaru for it (the guy was kind of dumb and only had it for 2 months) the owner before him is the one that took care of everything.

It has had the 20k, 40k, 60k, and 90k service done at the Porsche dealership with receipts for all of them. The car has 117k miles on it and that is my biggest concern. My main reason for making the trade was to get out of my Subaru and the Porsche was worth a lot more. I know these things need quite a bit of maintenance and Porsche's aren't cheap, but this thing is unbelievably well taken care of.

The 2 issues that I have read about with these are the piping to the coolant reservoir cracking and the ignition coils cracking, both of these have been replaced with the receipts as well.

Since it is over 100k miles, what other things should I be expecting to replace other than just normal oil changes and tires?

The situation I am in is; I was just given a car that I could sell and pay off the Cayenne and drive it without a payment and just use that money it fix it, or I could sell it and drive the car I was given for free. The car I was given is just a Ford, so it is cheap and easy to fix and only has 60k miles on it, but it is nothing close to the Porsche. I drive 10-20 miles a day, so the mileage won't be increasing much, but it will need an oil change fairly soon.

I am only 24 and I would love to keep the Porsche and just drive it because it is amazing, but which direction would you guys recommend going?

Or I could keep both cars and drive the Ford more regularly and have the Porsche as a fun weekend car and make it really nice. I could sell the Porsche for probably a $5,000 profit fairly quickly.
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