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2008 Cayenne VS Fx35

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I had Boxster before, but I sold it once my kid was born, and switch to a Infiniti Fx35 with sport package.
I love the handling on the Boxster, missing it a lot, so I'm going to get the a Cayenne.
I went to test drive the 2012 Cayenne, but it kind of too soft to me ( more like Lexus than a Porsche ) ,, I like the FX more than that.
Then I think might try the 2008 version instead. but I don't know any friends driving one.

Is there anyone have both 2008 Cayenne and FX. can you tell me why you like/dislike on either one?
also , the reliability on the 2008?

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Get the 2012 and keep the suspension set in Sport mode. It handles like a Boxter. You will like that much more than an '08!
I did try that, the 2012 cornering very good, but the steering is kinda too light to me. and the ride is softer than the FX.
2008 has light steering as 2012?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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