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Hey Folks,

I've owned a 2009 Porsche Cayenne S for about 14 months. I am the second owner and it is out of warranty.

Started having a problem where the head unit would turn on/off continuosly. Took out the unit and had it repaired by Becker Auto Sound in NJ. Put the unit back in and everything would work fine for about a week or so and then I would lose Nav and Phone. I receive the following when touching the Nav and phone buttons:
"Navigation funciton not available"
"Telephone function not available"

I"ve taken it back several times and each time I put it in it works for a while and I eventually lose the Nav and Telephone. Becker advises that I take it to the dealer so they can update the entire system. They claim that there is something in the vehicle that is causing the unit to drop the Nav and Telephone features.

Has anyone experienced this?

What I have done:
Removed head unit, tuned vehicle off/on, replaced.
Checked fuses in passenger area (9 through 12)
Removed fuses 9 through 12 and power cycled, replaced, etc.

None of this brings back my Nav or Telephone.

Your help/guidance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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