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2011 Hamann Porsche Cayenne Guardian Evo pictures - Interior & Exterior

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This is one amazing Cayenne. Hamann is really one of the best vehicle tuners around. They've left nothing untouched in this Cayenne. Gotta love the diamond stitching carpet and floor mats.

2011 Hamann Porsche Cayenne Guardian Evo Release Dates – Herman will present the program for many of the current Porsche Cayenne Turbo Hamann GUARDIAN called EVO. New designer dress, Haman GUARDIAN EVO prey of choice for on-and off-road sensation. Production of surface and perfect measurement, aerodynamics kit emphasizes the quality of Herman. Is an important part of the dynamic front-developed front spoiler with an air intake of a large following.

LED technology has been integrated with clarity, and full of active safety beams and fog lamps. “Power dome” ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber hood and skimmer is sufficient ventilation of the engine in front. TUTOR EVO Herman takes his manhood in the car side skirts and flared wings for the extension of the front and rear axle 120 mm 160 mm. Hamann rear apron with integrated diffuser is to develop high-end look, stainless steel 120 mm wide and provides space for the central canal of the sports exhaust with two advanced audio system. 2011 Hamann Porsche Cayenne Guardian Evo sport pot combination of components, increased catalyst sports sports air filter and engine map optimization can achieve capacity / 550 horsepower 405 kilowatts at 6100 rpm. In addition, the huge growth of 770 nanometers to 100 kilometers by 4600 rotation 2300 Porsche SUV fix just 4.6 seconds with a dynamic, increasing the maximum speed of 300 km / h

2011 Hamann Porsche Cayenne Guardian Evo system is a major cause of the ceramic brakes developed in conjunction with sports MOV’IT. 420 × 40 mm (front), 380 × 32 mm (bottom) to measure the brake discs, calipers that are coupled to four of the six-piston calipers front and rear. As the largest wheel and tire combination, experts recommend refining 11Jx23 inch super lightweight forged wheels and tires include 25 minutes of 315 R23 Dunlop Sport Max is big enough in this area unique, powerful appearance that Create a. The male gaze, can be further improved suspension components Haman. Modules are designed for suspension of the Cayenne sport, series, can be reduced through improved EVO 35 mm Hamann GUARDIAN.

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