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I'm always amazed at how well Project Kahn can tune a car and enhance all aspects of it from performance, interior to exterior styling. This Panamera is stunning!!!

With popularity comes a certain level of expectation reserved only for those that have established a fan base all their own. British tuning firm, Project Kahn, has become one of the most popular aftermarket companies in the world with the man behind the outfit, Afzal Kahn, leading the way.

Fans of Project Kahn are a very discerning group so it’s not easy to just throw a package around and hope it goes over well with its fans. For a Project Kahn program, it has to be well thought out and extensively worked on. Sort of what the British tuning firm did with this Porsche Panamera. Now this is something fans of Project Kahn will love.

Just like most of their recent projects, the British tuning firm focused all their attention exclusively on giving the Panamera one of the best and stealthiest exterior and interior upgrades we’ve seen in the luxury Porsche sports car.

One thing Kahn and the boys do well is improve the design dynamics of the car without going a tad overboard with the improvements. Whereas other aftermarket companies prefer to follow the style of ’shock and awe’, Project Kahn is a lot more subdued than that, opting for knocking your socks off with classy improvements mixed with aggressive design touches.

Works for us.

Featuring an extensive aerodynamic package on both the exterior and interior of the Panamera, Project Khan spared no expense with the upgrades on the car. The British tuning firm dressed the car in a Jet Black paint finish, lowered the suspension system, slightly modified the rear bumper, dressed it up with Bi-Xenon headlights, added Billett side vents and a black satin sports exhaust finish, and rounded out the exterior upgrades with a new set of unique Kahn RS-600 wheels.

Inside the Panamera, Project Kahn decked the interior in black leather with the inlays finished in black piano wood. The tuning company also added a multi-function steering wheel, privacy glass, heated seats, floor mats, and a number of technological features, including park assist on the front and rear, as well as a Porsche Vehicle Tracking System.

Despite the extensive aerodynamic program given to the Panamera, the engine was left pretty much untouched. The reason for this, at least according to Project Kahn, is that the Panamera’s 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 300 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque is already one of the best engines out on the market today so they decided against giving it more tweaks. For now.

All told, the whole package rounds out to about £73, 875, which is about $120,592 based on current exchange rates.

Contrary to what Project Kahn has been saying, a lot of tuning companies have actually given the Porsche Panamera their own performance upgrades so the question of not messing with a good thing is obviously out of the picture. The thing is, the British aftermarket company doesn’t offer as extensive an engine upgrade as do some of its contemporaries. Not that it’s a bad thing because Project Kahn more than makes up for it in terms of style.

If there’s one program that offers the same scope of new features on the Panamera with no performance upgrades, the one that comes to mind is TechArt’s Aerodynamic Kit I for the luxury Porsche sedan.

While we certainly have a soft spot for TechArt and all of its programs, Project Kahn is one of the best in the business as far as aerodynamic modifications are concerned. Maybe that’s why the latter’s lack of work on the engine of their projects isn’t as noticeable as other tuning firms.
pic's and above write up from here 2011 Porsche Panamera RS600 by Project Kahn - Top Speed

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