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2011 rear glass blowout

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I have a brand new 2011 Cayenne with 200 miles on her. It was 95 degrees here in Washington DC area. The heat blew out the rear window...the car is black on black. The glass was intact with millions of glass breaks. No signs of anyone messing with it. Speaks to the quality (or lack of) in the glass, no?

As expected, the dealer says bring her in and get new Porsche glass under warranty. But I'm concerned of it happening again. Can't put her in the garage. Two other Porsches in there and 3 motorcycles. I know. Poor me. I wonder if anyone else had this happen.
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i haven't heard of such a thing happening like this, but its possible of such a thing happening.
Where were you parked when you discovered the rear window with all the cracks?
The heat can build up more than you realize - I doubt you have a "faulty" Cayenne. Here in PHX, windows blow out and unfortunately occasionally you even hear of infants dying after 45 minutes in the car when temps reach over 150 degrees in the car.

Try to leave the windows/sunroof barely open if you can and always use a metallic sunshade to reflect the sun. Might be tough in rainy areas to leave the window open, but the sunshade will help.
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