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Porsche: the intersection of performance and practicality

There couldn’t be a worse car to drive in a cold Northern winter than a rear-wheel drive, mid-engine, European convertible. Unless, of course, it’s a Porsche.

The German sports car maker prides itself on the durability, comfort and overall daily driveability of its models, something we decided to test out by living with a Boxster S for several days… in Canada… in January.

Fitted with a proper set of winter tires we came away convinced that even in a place where a convertible has no business being on the road a third of the year, we wouldn’t think twice about using this car as our only means of transportation.


Apart from making an exceptional drift machine, easily sliding around in controllable displays of shenanigans with the stability control switched off, with all the gadgets on, the car takes care of the driver, keeping you pointed in the right direction. And yet being a Porsche, it’s not overly aggressive, so unless you’re in the worst of conditions, you still feel like you’re in control.

Turning the Porsche Stability Management system off will let you know just how much work it does. Try climbing up a snow-covered grade and the tail end will snake side-to-side, wheels slipping all the way.
Read the full review and WATCH the VIDEO at AutoGuide.com
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