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2012 Porsche Cayenne S Overspray Removal & Detail - AMAZING!

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To me nothing looks better than a clean car, and not just clean, but, detailer clean! Especially when it's on a vehicle like a Porsche. You have to admit, Porsche does have some amazing colors for our cars.

Here's one serious detail job I can appreciate!

got it from here:
2012 Porsche Cayenne S Overspray Removal & Detail - Teamspeed.com

2012 Porsche Cayenne S Overspray Removal & Detail

As the title states this "Brand new Porsche" started out it's life a little on the rough side...............

Contacted by a longtime client who lives up in Napa Valley(Calming peaceful area that I enjoy going too for any reason) who purchased a new Cayenne S as a daily driver & tow vehicle for his Boxter track vehicle, with 2,500 miles or so on the odometer how bad can things be.................well the vehicle is Jet Black and his car was re-painted along with a building some hack industrial painters were working on nearby.

Vehicle at the onset of the job.

Besides the wheels being gloss black and dirty, they would also have overspray all over them requiring claying on every spoke and polishing as well..........a ltlle time was invested on this task(Understatement).

"The carpets" were also pretty dirty......

First pic of the overspray.

Deep scratches.............due to thiness on the bumper from dealership wet sanding and attempted correction I was able to get about 80% correction(72 microns or so in this area).

During claying step.

Overspray was really bad on the roof.

50/50 shot of overspray removed.

Another clay pic, I would blow out a new clay bar on this job.

Unsual marring here.................


Overspray & water spot etching.
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50/50 on the drivers door.

Entire door corrected.

Was working with thin paint so no rotary wool compounding on this vehicle.

Clarity restored finally............

Tires stripped of overspray and old dressing.

First coat of dressing applied.

A few interior pics, the interior was "As new" but have to say I have done a few of the Cayennes lately(2012 models) and the fit and finishe is much improved!.

There would be no "Sun pics" as I finished the car on the second day late into the evening and the client was leaving early in the morning, also had to do a maintenance detail on his Turbo.

Aforementioned Turbo the next day.

Totals were just under 24 hours on the Cayenne which made for two long days but "Tightness" was achieved.
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