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I have been looking (and longing) for a Cayenne for several years.

I just looked at a Certified 2013 diesel model with only 6,500 miles. Owned by an old man who traded it in after one year for a Panamera.

It is dark blue metallic. Has 14 way seats, olive wood interior package, premium pckg plus, bose, navigation, heat/cool seats, panorama roof, lane change assist, and some other addl equipment.

Original sticker was $76,175 dealer is asking $64,599 but indicates he may go to $63,000.

I drove it and it is very very nice. Perfect.

A few questions:

1. Is it "worth it" to get a diesel and could I get a similarly equipped V6 without the diesel for less?

2. Is it rare to find such a low mileage 2013?

3. Does this seem like a fair price?

Thanks everyone--just thought I'd get some advice from the experts. I am new to this forum and have been enjoying the posts so far.

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