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Since the debut of the new Carrera at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year the P-car faithful have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the next-gen 911 Turbo. That launch date is getting closer with our latest spy photos of the every day exotic giving a closer idea of just what the future holds.

Sharing a wheelbase with the Carrera, the new Porsche Turbo will be roughly 4-inches longer end-to-end and as is obvious from the photos will sport a significantly wider track and accommodate an all-wheel drive system. Of note, the rear spoiler on this test mule appears to be fixed, but expect an automatically-deploying unit on the production model. With the sleeker styling of the new 911 combined with these aggressive new rear haunches, the 911 Turbo is finally beginning to look more like a car that offers supercar levels of performance.

While no details about the upcoming twin-turbo flat-six engine have been released, considering the current Turbo S makes 530 hp we expect no less from the new Turbo. Even 550 hp would be a solid bet. Also, the Turbo could finally see a top speed that reaches the 200 mph mark.

Expect a major overhaul on the 911 Turbo's interior with significant inspiration from the Panamera.

More: 2013 Porsche 911 Turbo Caught Winter Testing [Spy Photos] on Autoguide.com

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So far so good, I like what im seeing. Porsche is one of the few brands I see that consistently test their vehicles in winter conditions and even extreme heat conditions. It just goes to show you guys the lengths Porsche goes through to develop a vehicle
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