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Hello fellow enthusiasts, my name is Adam Coover from Erie, PA. I recently acquired a 2014 Cayenne GTS with 110k, and am having some intermittent audio issues in the front doors. I scanned it with Durametrics and it stated something along the line of intermittent most connectivity. I cleared the code and reread the audio system again a few times and it shown no codes although the door speakers in the front were not working. At times in the morning when I start it, they will work, but more often then not they do not. I am very versed in BMWs, but am new to Porsche. If anyone could give me some insight on this I would greatly appreciate it. Even a diagram of the most system would be great. Thank You in advance for any and all of your help, suggestions, and comments.
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Hi Adam, welcome to Cayenne Forums. AFAIK - there are no separate wiring diagrams for the MOST system. It's an optical fiber system... error codes can be a bit deceiving since they aren't dated - and if someone disconnected some component of the system and turned the system on, an error code would be stored. It would have to be manually erased, which probably wasn't done.

I'd be looking at the wiring for the door/speakers. There is a connector on the front edge of the door that can be disconnected, cleaned and reconnected. I'd suggest that be done first. The connections in the door are for the large speaker and the midrange speaker. To check those you'll have to remove the door card - something I unfortunately have some experience with - it's actually quite a chore to get it off, and you will break some of the retaining clips.

Depending on the level of DIY you anticipate doing on the Cayenne - it might be worthwhile to get an AllDataDIY subscription for the car. That's pretty much the factory manual on-line. The level of detail varies depending on what the system is they're covering, but it does have wiring diagrams which can be quite useful - and now has them in color and actually useable.

They are offering a discount - - and I have the info stored on another forum I run - Planet-9.com (a lot broader coverage of different Porsche models.) - let me see if I can find it..

Found it:

Building Grey Black-and-white Triangle Font

I take no credit for finding this, but I came across this deal at my favorite deal site. Here is the link to the post: 3-Year ALLDATAdiy Subscription (One Vehicle) $50

Basically, you can get a 3-year sub, for one vehicle, with the coupon code DIY3YRMATCH.

That's actually quite a good deal.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.
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I can't imagine how that much water is getting into the door. But I'd suggest really trying to find out. Is the rubber seal at the base of the window still intact?

And as far as performance improvements - nope. Nothing easily available. The best way to get better performance is to sell the one you have and buy one with the performance you want (Turbo or Turbo/S). You can't add turbos to the engine, aside from the huge expense of the necessary parts (like exhaust manifolds/plumbing, intercoolers and plumbing, new ECU, new intake manifold) - the compression is completely different on the Turbo vs non-Turbo V8's, so you don't blow the pistons up. The Turbo engines also have additional oil jets that spray oil directly on the bottom of the pistons to cool them. No one makes a supercharger for the same reasons.

Dunno on your transmission. Has it ever been serviced?
I just bought it so I don’t know about its service history. Is there any way to obtain that? If it was factory serviced anyways??
Once out of warranty Porsche doesn't track repairs in the national data system. While under warranty they do. Out of warranty - the servicing dealer will have records, and if you can find them, and ask very nicely for the records with the former owner's information blacked out (redacted) they MAY accommodate you. No promises though. I'd start with your local dealer and talk to one of the service writers. He can pull up the under-warranty records which should give you a clue where it had been serviced.
I am going to change the oil in the engine I was going to use mobile 1 euroblend 5/40. Is this recommended or do you dislike this oil?
It should be fine. Make sure it has "A40" approval - that's Porsche's spec for oil for these engines.
I have already changed the transfer case oil as I heard that’s a weak spot in these trucks.
Good move - the TC can be an issue.
How many hp is the truck I have and how much is a turbo? What’s the diff on the turbo to turbo s?
Your truck is probably about 430HP. The Turbo Cayenne is 500HP, and the Turbo/S is 550HP.
with a tune and down piles intake etc what can you expect to see from a turbo hp wise?
No idea. Don't know anyone who has done this.
selfish question. 2014 cayenne gts 110k seems to be super nice. Is 24k to much to have paid ?
Depends on how much it costs you going forward. It's not an unreasonable price. This was a $90k car when it was new.
it has 19” oz wheels seem to be new wheels and tires. Would anyone be interested in these ? Not sure what they’re worth. I just ordered factory black 21”

what are good items to pay attention to on these trucks for maintenance?

recommendation of spark plugs.
Check the owners manual
was rear entertainment available from the factory I would consider adding this if it was.
It was available - no idea on what it would cost to retrofit it. Probably more than it's worth. Most kids can be entertained with an iPad, much cheaper and useful other places besides the car.
thank you for the warm welcome help and advice.
Good luck with it - let us know how you make out with it..
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