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FVDI 2015 with USB dongle software required to be installed on Win XP system, but some FVDI user prefer to software on win 7 operating system which may cause errors sometimes. Following are full instruction resources download in guiding to install FVDI on Win 7 32-bit.

Software version: V6.3 (FVDI with 18 software)

Operating system: Win 7 32-bit (not 64 bit)

Free download 2015 FVDI ABRITES Commander V6.3 Win 7 software
Win7 32bit Free Download - ChinaAutoDiag.com - Free Download Auto Diagnostic OBD2 scanner Software, Driver, Manual

Free download 2015 FVDI ABRITES update, installation on Win 7 and 1 year authorization video
File including:
2015 FVDI V6.3 update instruction
FVDI software installation on Win 7 32- bit system
How to add FVDI one year authorization

Or you can the Youtube video here:
How to install FVDI 2015 on Win 7 OS

2015 FVDI commander open Authorization guide

2015 Fvdi 6.3 update video guide

Some FVDI commanders have to add token every 29-day, and others need to add token 1 year on the server, the only difference is the token adding frequently. And it does not mean your FVDI commander is out of work. It is just like car run out of oil, you need to feed it to work.

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I just got Fvdi Abrites Commander last week,FVDI ABRITES Commander V6.7 avec le logiciel USB Dongle,do you used this?fvdi abrites commander mercedes Citroen support la lecture du Code Pin, la programmation des touches, lecture / écriture EEPROM, lecture / effacer les codes éronnés, outil de sauvegarde et ainsi de suite. Acheter cet appareil et obtener une clé outil logiciel pour tagger Hyundai et Kia gratuitement.and i cost $354,did i got expensive?
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