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I sat in the front passenger seat passively pecking at my laptop and clinching my stomach as we roared up the Saw Mill River Parkway through Yonkers.

The juiced-up 550-hp V8 that Land Rover incorporated into its Range Rover Sport SVR flexed against its engine mounts and sent a rapid thrum up the seat and into my back as it bellowed through four exhaust tips poking from the back bumper. Chris Blanchette, my videographer, chuckled as he charged through lines of traffic outbound from New York City with the sort of power that has no business existing in an SUV. Yet there we were.

At the time, I was more worried about assembling a script for our video review of Jaguar’s new all-wheel drive V8 F-Type than I was with evaluating the preposterously plutocratic power tie on wheels that I was presently riding in. That, and avoiding seasickness.

Chris isn’t a gentle driver, but looking back it’s hard to blame him. After we traded seats, I realized that accelerating in the new Range Rover Sport SVR feels manlier than flexing a thousand biceps while simultaneously siring a child. It’s big, it’s loud, it looks like a million bucks and it only costs $126,000.
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