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2019 Cayenne - What am I missing?

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I’ve had a couple Boxsters before family life needs required a larger car. Now that some of those needs have been relaxed, I’m looking to daily drive a Cayenne!
I found this one near my house and it seems to have a good price and I’m concerned to may be too good. It’s nearly $10k cheaper than other ones I can find online.
Is there something I’m missing? Is this a stripped down model? Are these some common parts that fail or wear out that need changed?

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LDT provided some useful advice.

A tool you should know about if you're looking for a car: Free VIN Check and Decoder with History Reports - iSeeCars.com

This looks up the records on any car based on its VIN#. In this case - it's shown as 1 owner. It also says it's $7,620 below market value, and it's been for sale for a LONG time, 147 days. This dealer has dropped the price on it by $10,000. It is the least expensive (new) Cayenne, a base 6-cylinder model. No especially expensive or desirable options. It's equipped with minimal options - more or less like a dealer would order one for "stock" on their lot (most Cayennes are ordered "bespoke" - to the customer's desires for colors, options, and performance.) So - people may pass it by.

This is one I wouldn't consider without a hands-on inspection. And probably a PPI by a good independent shop. Even as a basic Cayenne - I would expect it to have sold quicker than it has, and it's sitting at a Suburu shop - was it traded in there? Even the dealer's listing is questionable - since they list it as WHITE with BLACK interior when by the photos it's rather obviously BLACK with BLACK. The VIN report lists it as WHITE with a GRAY interior. Are the photos the dealer is using photos of this vehicle, or some they found online?

It's been for sale numerous times (makes me wonder more than a bit, especially since it was a lease vehicle) and it appears that it started out in PA at a VW dealer who is more than likely associated with the Subi dealer it's now at. I guess the VW dealer couldn't get it off their lot, so they pushed it across the street to the Subi dealer.

Tread carefully on this one - it might be a great deal - or it might be an expensive mistake.
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