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I went on vacation for 4 weeks and assumed that the lithium 12V battery would last since the car completely shuts down within a few minutes (the cigarette lighter seems to be last). When I returned, the car was completely dead - the key fob had no effect on locking or unlocking. Fortunately, the driver door was left unlocked (in my home garage) or I would have needed to use the emergency key to get in. My booster was in the rear compartment, so not accessible. I purchased a lithium-battery-compatible trickle charger to charge it, but the Porsche shuts the battery down to isolate it when the voltage goes below a certain level to prevent damage (Under Voltage Protection, UVP). The trickle charger will not override the UVP system (mine claimed to have a button to do this, but not with the Porsche). My only choice was to call roadside assistance to jump start the car, which went as expected. However, the "Check Engine" light remained on and I needed to re-register my Porsche Connect account, which for some reason cancelled out the check engine light. No further issues. The trickle charger works after the boost.
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