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Where to upgrade autocom cdp+?

Click hereUpgrade it.

Quick Vin Search

To make the vehicle selection even easier and faster we have moved the VIN decoder on top and added Quick access to VIN read-out.

Simply click on the VIN search button and the program will read-out the VIN from the vehicle, or type in your VIN and the vehicle selection will adjust dynamically as you write.

Search for OBD functions

The search for OBD functions can be found in the treeview vehicle selction. Once selected Brand, Model, Yearmodel it gives you the ability to fast and easy see in which systems a unique function can be found or to find the specific function. The list of vehicles will be greyed out if the function is not available.

E.g. Enter "coding" in the search field and all system types with coding functionality will be availabel, the rest will be greyed out. The function works similar in the "OBD functions" tab; Type in "sensor" and all functions with the wording "sensor" in its description will be filtered out.

Search for real time data parameter

This function is available in the custom datalist view. It enables a quick way to easily find the parameter you are looking for. Simply start to type the parameter or component, and the list will show only the parameters related to what you have typed.

E.g. start typing "temp" and the list will show you Air inlet temperature sensor, Coolant temperature, Fuel temperature etc. All parameters containing "temp" will be shown. Click the "X" button to clear the search field.


A total of 180 models have been added or updated with new functionality and new features. To pin point a few new models we are proud to have diagnostics on the new DAF XF and CF series and the Euro 6 certified Volvo FH (4), FMX (4) and FM (4) trucks. There has also been an extensive improvement on the Gearbox management in Mitsubishi Fuso.

Detailed list of updates

Find a complete list of updates by these links:

Release News CARS
Release News TRUCKS

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