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Buying A 2005 Turbo - Advice Please

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Hi all

I'm new here, I am considering buying a 2005 Cayenne Turbo and would like some answers to some specific questions and some general advice on the purchase, I'm in the UK so some questions may be UK based.

1. When did the PCM change to DVD from CD?
2. The car i have in mind has phone prep, can it be converted to Bluetooth and work through the car stereo and steering wheel controls easily enough?
3. Did PDCC only come as an option on the facelift 2007 Turbo?
4. Ive read about hoses needing changing to metal, if not done is that bad thing?
5. It has a full Porsche history, plugs 3k miles ago and is in full working condition but what should i look for apart from smooth gearbox changes and the usual checks that apply to all cars? Does the Cayenne Turbo have known issues in 2005?
6. The dealer only has 1 remote key and 1 spare key blade, i assume a remote is missing, right?
7. Regarding mpg, i know its not really a consideration but do they do what the handbook says they do?
8. Whats the service interval on the pre 2007, is it still 2 years?
9. As a daily driver is the Cayenne more than up to the job?
10. Whats the interior trim quality like and overall build, is it Porsche standard?
11. Are the wheel arch extensions like those on the GTS an easy retrofit on the pre facelift, i see Porsche make them for the 2003-2005?

There may be more questions as i start to look at the chosen example but for now id really appreciate some comments on the above.

Having owned 2 x 996;s i have to say i was impressed. I also owned several Range Rovers, including Supercharged and currently a BMW X6 35d which i am bitterly disappointed with and having spent so much i am thinking a Cayenne Turbo will make far more sense for half the cost. The X6 trim creaks, the gearbox is lazy and changes up all the time and fuel economy is about 10mpg (UK) less than the stated figure so not what i wanted.

Is the Cayenne Turbo as good as it gets for performance 4x4 motoring?

Thanks in advance

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