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Came into a dealer lookin at a A8, ended up buying a cayenne s!

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Hey guys taking delivery of my cayenne s tommorow. I got it for a steal and the best part about it, previous owner was a car enthusiast so i lucked out with a mint 2004 cayenne s. Its a dark teal metallic with cognac brown interior. The car has 66,000 miles on it but the motor was replaced around 53,000 miles so it has around 13,000 miles on it. I couldnt take delivery today because the dealership was nice enough to replace the torque convertor on it so thats why. Any issues with this car? Please let me get a heads up on what i gotta face, its my first porsche. I was lookin at audi s4's and a8's but as i wa leaving the dealership asked me if i was interested in a mint cayenne s. Got it for a good deal so i couldnt pass it up. I am a audi and vw guy, i also have a 2011 audi a4 2.0t in city of bombay. I moved back and got this. I dont have the air ride suspension unfortunately but i do plan on dropping it a few inches on either 20's or 22's any suggestions on wheels and suspension upgrades?
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Thanks pics will be up asap.
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