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Here is a video with the sound my car is getting when I try to start it
What would you diagnose as the issue?

What I know: Without jumping the car I get ZERO signs of electricity on the dash, lights, nothing. If I jump the car with the terminal under the hood, I get the same ZERO signs of electricity. But when I jump the car directly to the battery under the driver's seat, I get dash/radio/locks/seat controls.

When jumping to battery under the driver's seat: If I turn the key in the normal clockwise way, no noise from the engine occurs. But when I turn it to the left and then the right, I get this noise, and the front headlights turn on and off quickly. It is my understanding that turning the key to the left first activates the back up battery. There is no back up battery installed in this car at this time. Only the one under the seat. Anyone got any ideas what this sound is telling me?
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