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2008 Cayenne Turbo with Entry and Drive.

When locking the car (with either the door handle button, the key fob button, or the actual key), there are several warning beeps and the flashers continue flashing thirty to forty times. The car actually locks and unlocks with the Entry and Drive feature and the key fob feature, but the warning beeps and flashers continue. Experiencing the same problem with both of the key fobs . . .

I've tried removing the dummy key and using just the actual key in the ignition, with no luck; tried locking and unlocking the driver's door with the actual key in the door handle, with no luck; tried several variations on depressing the key fob buttons shortly after removing the actual key from the ignition to re-sync, with no luck. Can't find specific problem or a solution in the owner's manual or online. It's making me crazy!

Anybody have a similar problem? What was the fix?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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