Moderators, if you don't like this here, PLEASE relocate it without completely killing the thread. This is going to save someone a trip to this dealership and I figured active market participants were the first line for this.

The good:
I found this listing and had one of my friends look at all parts invoiced against this car. Great news- Variocam bolts addressed proactively, car looks clean, is priced competitively, and is close enough for me to make a day trip out of.

Now the nasty:
  • This outfit gave me the run around with scheduling and ended up telling me the car was on lift when I was already on the way. This happened a day after they confirmed my appointment.
  • This place gave me the creeps. It was dirty, not staffed with knowledgeable folks, and claimed to have a zero negotiation policy. The price is the price is the price.
  • After I asked to see it on the lift so I could check for another well-documented failure mode (transfer case), they said it never was on the lift and the woman claimed, "we don't even have lifts here". After which I motioned her to their service bay with at least two lifts.
  • They brought it to me after about 20 minutes and told me I couldn't drive it on the surface streets and had to stay in the lot. "Weird, but ok..." I thought
  • Crank it and hardly get the door closed before opening it again. Exhaust leak or valves are clicking so loud in the cab, my kid asks if it's normal
  • Pop the hood and it is profoundly loud.
  • Get back in and decide to try to move it.
  • Before I get my hand on the shift knob, check engine light is on. This leads me to believe they tried to clear it, but my time listening to it play a Neil Peart drum solo gave it time to test again
  • Put it into drive and get some of the roughest idling I've ever had. First gear feels like hell.
  • I can't even do a full circle around the lot and just park it again.
  • Lift it all the way and stick my head underneath. Oil. So much oil.

All of the frames here are from videos, but I'm not sure of the safest way to share these. This thing is a mess, folks. Don't give it a look.

Leaving the VIN in the event they are able to move the car and it ends up on BAT, carsandbids, ebay, etc: