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Hi everyone, I have been trawling internet sites and forums trying to get a more definitive answer before I start pulling out my PCM! I would be very grateful for any expertise here

I would like to add a simple AUX cable for plugging in media devices, I do not want to spend £000's and am very happy with a basic AUX cable.

I know the PCM2.1 (I think this is what I have) works on M.O.S.T and so it isn't as simple as it could be, so.....

Is there a spare optical out on the rear of the PCM that I could plug an 'Optical to AUX' cable in to?

I have the BOSE system but not the CD Change, UK Spec 06 model. I am lead to believe that there will be a spare slot where the changer would have been that I could use? Can anyone confirm this please?

Thank you!
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