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I have a Cayanne 958 which has a possible alarm problem.

When I did my prepurchase inspection the dealer told me the alarm needed to be replaced. I found it was working intermittently.

Eventually, the doors stopped locking. When I attempt to lock the car using the remote the back doors do not lock and the flashers start flashing.

Porsche told me the rear door modules need to be replaced. Is it possible they have both failed?

A number of YouTube videos report this problem can be caused by a defective alarm sounder module which is located under the wipers. Very strange, Porsche told me the alarm sounder was located under the front bumper.

I am very confused. At this point, I cannot lock my doors. Any attempt to lock them will start the flashers which will surely drain my battery. Porsche said the alarm is sounding, but since the alarm sounder module is bad I do not hear anything.

Can anyone help?

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In this case - stop listening to Porsche. BTDT. The alarm module has a NiCad battery in it, with a 10 year life (in the spec's for the battery) so all the 2011 and 2012 cars can expect failure now or soon.

It's located under the wiper assembly which is located under the cowl (plastic at the base of the windshield). If you're a competent and flexible DIY'er (you'll be lying on top of the engine for part of the job) - it's very DIYer'ble.

I suspect you're talking to a service adviser? They are NOT mechanics, they're people who are tasked with extracting as much money as possible from your wallet in exchange for their questionable diagnosis. And they often say absurd things (like the alarm is behind the bumper) just because they have to sound like they know what they're talking about if they are to be successful in extracting max money from you.

There are a number of threads on the topic over on Planet-9.com (a sister forum that I happen to also be involved with) and on rennlist (a forum that I'm no longer involved with and wouldn't recommend to anyone.)

If you're not a DIY'er - find a good independent. To find one, join the Porsche Club of America, and ask your local chapter members who to use. It will save you lots of money over going to the dealer.

Question - since you had a PPI, and you were told the alarm was failing why did you buy the car without it being fixed by the seller? The alarm module itself is a few hundred dollars (cheaper if you buy the identical one sold for VW's - see the threads I referenced above), and if you're paying labor, it's at least 2 hours perhaps 3 to R&R it. It does NOT NEED PROGRAMMING - so any independent can replace it.
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