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Cayenne owner's what model do you have?

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For the people here lucky enough to have a Cayenne. What model Cayenne did you get? S, GTS, Turbo, or Turbo S?
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dont currently have one but debating on picking up a gts. i was thinking about picking up a fully loaded brand new lexus rx but then realized i can pick up a used cayenne gts for a little more.
My brother has a Cayenne S, family member has a 2011 Turbo and I have the 1st gen Turbo S. The Cayenne is a great SUV.
2010 Cayenne V6. It is just awesome, good power and great mileage.
2010 Cayenne V6. It is just awesome, good power and great mileage.
What a coincidence! i was just looking at the 2010 Porsche Cayenne's. Whats your Cayenne gas mileage like? I'm not too concerned about gas mileage but im curious to hear from other owners as to what they get.
ptv plus?

I have a 2011 turbo on order with most all of the bells and whistles but 'the salesman said I wouldn't need the ptv plus option. I ordered the pdcc option.
I drive aggressively about 5% of the time and live where we get snow, should I
override the saleman and get the ptv plus? Thanks in advance for your help
'06 Turbo S Black/black 24k miles
It has been the best car I have owned to date. It has all the power of my old 911 turbo w/o the rough (go-kart type) ride.
I just purchased the '04 Cayenne Turbo with only 20k miles ... just amazing!


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