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Cayenne PCM3.1 Wireless Carplay&Andriod auto module installation tutorial

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Before installing the CarPlay module, I reviewed a lot of YouTube tutorials and thought it would be very fun if I could install it myself. I also wanted to do some challenging things. The point is that can save a lot of costs. I didn't investigate the cost of local installation, but I guess it will not be low.
I chose Carlinkitlife.
Their module has the following advantages compared to others:
1. The price is more reasonable, less than $350.
2. You don't have to do wiring to link to a fuse and get power
3. Doesn鈥檛 require external unit such as joyeauto.
4. The board itself is well made and the and components are looking great.

This is the purchase link:

This is all the accessories I received:
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Fender Electrical wiring

The most complex part of the entire process was connecting the board, but the instructions they provide explain this in great detail.
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NOTE: Before the installation, TURN OFF the engine, close and opendriver side door ONCE. wait the center screen turn black.

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1.Use the tool to take out the air conditioning panelof the central control

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2.Note that vou need to take out the plug behind the panel

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3.Unscrew the 4 screws on the head unit

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4.Take out the head unit and unplug all the plugs on the back of the head unit
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5.Unscrew the screws on the screen of the head unit

6.You need to press the buckles on both sides of the screen to remove the screen

7.Be careful remove the screen,but don't break the harness

8.Unscrew the screw on the back of the head unit

9.Take the head unit apart

10.remove the cables
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11.Remove the three screws at the mark and install the golden extension screw

12.Install the carplay module and screw on the screws


13.connect the Carplav flat cable to the PCB board

14.Connect the screen flex cable to the carplay module.

15.Connect the line to the PCB board

16.The installation in the head unit is comnleted , and the head unit can be restored

17.If there is an optical fiber cable on the original car main line you neea to take out tne opticat fiber cabte

18.Connect the Carplay main line with the main line of the oriainal car

19.transfer the fiber optic cable remoed from the original Car main line

20.Reconnect the plug from the original car head unit to the head unit

21.Unscrew the screws on the floor of the passenger cab and remove the floor

22.The USB cable on the CarPlay main line can be led from the central console
to the floor of the passenger cab

23.Microphones can be placed here, and the microphone harnesses are routedand routed into the center console(f the original car's Bluetooth phone can be used normally.the original car's microphone can be used without an external microphone)

24.comnect microphone

25.After the CarPlay installation is completel you can restore the original car layout

26.enjoy carplay
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