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Cayenne suspension question

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My 2012 Cayenne seems much too bouncy. Even speed bumps send the car bouncing down the road. So I believe it’s time for new shocks. But when perusing the Tire Rack site, I see a set of springs that are “10% stiffer” and lower the car by ~1.5”. I don’t go off road, so was thinking about installing the Sach’s shocks and H&R springs. Pretty good reviews, tho none on a Cayenne. Anyone have experience?
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Interesting - 2012 with a manual? The V6 engine model? No air suspension obviously.

Generally, shorter springs require a higher spring rate to keep the car from bottoming the suspension. A higher spring rate will result in a more "bouncy" feel unless you also upgrade the damping (shocks, struts) at the same time. Are the Sachs shocks you're considering "performance" shocks? Adjustable would be very nice. You want greater compression compliance and rebound resistance increased - that should get rid of the bouncy feel.
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