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Cayenne suspension question

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My 2012 Cayenne seems much too bouncy. Even speed bumps send the car bouncing down the road. So I believe it’s time for new shocks. But when perusing the Tire Rack site, I see a set of springs that are “10% stiffer” and lower the car by ~1.5”. I don’t go off road, so was thinking about installing the Sach’s shocks and H&R springs. Pretty good reviews, tho none on a Cayenne. Anyone have experience?
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yes, i believe the manual transmissions were only installed in the base model Cayennes. The bouncing is much better . And no bottoming out, but I don’t drive the car off road. It was great when I was caught in a snowstorm in Flagstaff a few weeks ago tho. The Sach’s are not called high performance shocks but the springs are called a “sport spring set”. the Springs are 1.2” lower. Could be my imagination, but I think I see the car sitting a little lower.
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