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Hi everyone, CEL came on a couple of days ago on the wife’s base model 2009 Cayenne. I borrowed an OBD reader and found the following codes: P2187, P2189, P12A2, P0507. Looking around at different sites, it seems like there could be several causes. Anyone have any experience this or where I should start looking? Thanks

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Any code past P0999 is a manufacturer specific code, and the code can be manufacturer/model/year/variant specific. The only standard OBD-II code that you have is P0507 - which indicates the ECU has detected a high-idle condition.

The other codes - well - you'll find charts of extended manufacturer codes, but these are often inaccurate since they don't take into account the model, year, etc.

I looked at my chart of Porsche codes for a 2011 Cayenne Turbo (the only chart I have..) and the only code that crosses over is:
Diagnosis information - Control unit DME (DFI)

Fuel high-pressure sensor implausible


  • Faults in the fuel high-pressure injection system are often caused by defects in the pre-delivery system (fuel low pressure).
  • Therefore, if there are problems in the fuel high-pressure injection area, the pre-delivery circuit must be checked first.
Diagnostic conditions
  • Period since engine was started > 250 Second(s)
  • Engine temperature -10 ... +100 °C (°F)
  • Engine speed 450 ... 4000 1/min
  • Lambda control Active
Possible fault causes
  • Pre-delivery quantity or pressure in fuel low-pressure circuit too low
  • Fuel high-pressure system leaks
  • Fuel high-pressure sensor Faulty
  • Fuel high-pressure pump Faulty
Fault setting condition(s)
  • long-term deviation Fuel high-pressure actual value - Nominal value (The setpoint is calculated using several values. , e.g. Lambda control, Quantity control valve, ...

That's telling you it isn't happy with the fuel pressure. Since I couldn't find the other codes on my chart - I did a Google of Porsche P2189 - which happily for you - turned up:

That's a decent video - I'd also consider if the fuel pressure at the injectors is correct.

Based on your question - I'm guessing the car is headed to a professional. If they have a Porsche specific diagnostics tool they should be able to go beyond what the P codes are telling them and quickly track down the cause. First thing to try though - make sure the oil-fill cap is tight, and if you have a dipstick, it's fully seated.

Good luck! Let us know how it works out for you!
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