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New poster here -- 2004 Cayenne S 4.5L, 80K miles. Started with Check Engine light and running very rough. Had just replaced plugs and noted a couple of coils with cracks so went immediately to them. Found #2 with hot melted stuff so that was easy. I ordered 2 coils from Pelican and got them in about 3 days so that was good. Replaced #2 but no change. Scratched my head for awhile and started swapping the other coil looking for another bad one but no luck. Finally figured out that the whole right bank was inop. Went to the owners manual and found a fuse for "Coils". The coil shorted and blew the fuse -- simple! I had never thought about a fuse for just half the coils. There appears to be just the one. I ordered 6 more coils to replace all 8.
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