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Connect app drains the car battery??!

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Hello, I’m new to this forum, indeed new to any car forum and I’m looking for some help and advice. I have a Cayenne e hybrid which I bought new in May 2021. I have had a problem with the car having a flat battery on two occasions. This causes the tracker to be activated. It occurs if I don’t drive the car for 3-4 days.
The car is currently in the dealership(where it has been for 4 weeks) and after a lot of head scratching and conversations with Porsche technical in Germany they are now saying that the problem is the Porsche Connect App remaining connected to the car and that this drains the car battery. Does anyone have any experience of this problem? Basically I find this hard to fathom and feel I might be receiving BS!
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That’s funny, I have the opposite problem. My hybrid’s app is rarely able to connect. When it comes to technology, Porsche is not only incapable, they don’t seem to have any interest in improving things. All my friends with economy cars laugh at the techno problems I have and the lack of basic functionality that they have for free. After a year of trial and error they finally fixed my surround video by replacing the entire wiring harness that runs throughout the car due to defective coax cable connectors. I was not too happy to see the entire guts of my new car on the floor.
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