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considering purchase. help

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I know everyone hates these firsts posts but here it goes!

Considering a 2008 Cayenne S purchase. What are the gotcha's that I should expect? Are they fairly reliable? Looking to do light daily driving and some weekend errands. (less than 8k per year). Coming out of a V6 2006 mustang.

Currently own 2005 Lotus Elise, 2007 Shelby GT Mustang, 2007 Honda Odyssey (wife car). I like the idea of a more upscale car for client meetings and more room to shuttle a couple passengers in the process. I realize that this will be a VERY different experience from my current V6 mustang. Kinda the point!

Just curious if there are common or known issues I need to be made aware of and how to expect to deal with them. Thanks in advance.
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Just traded-in an 2008 Cayenne S on an 2012 Cayenne S. Had 45K on It. Loved that vehicle. Had minimal issues with it. Front brakes at 43K(Rears Still Had 1/3rd Lining Left), Instrument Cluster was replaced under warranty when service writer pushed trip button with key-off to get mileage & trip mileage quit working. Changed oil at 7-8K religiously(Don't like those extended service intervals). Serviced transfer case fluid at 30k(Was discolored). Performed 40k services. Was getting ready to service transmission fluid before traded-in. Did have slight annoying clunk from passenger's side front suspension that i & dealer could never diagnose(started at approx. 30K). An AMAZING,SURE-FOOTED vehicle in snow!!! An AWD sports car type handling. Very well built.
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