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I am thinking of shipping to Europe based on the Cayman 2019 MY Cayman this summer, probably in July 2018.
I had two questions:
1) Am I right in assuming that funds for European deliveries arrive at the same time as for deliveries to the United States. ? In a previous post, I learned that the distribution of MY Cayman 2019 should become available around March / April 2018. Therefore, I hope that I will be able to place an order in April 2018 for the July 2018 delivery of MY 2019 Cayman in Germany.
2) Several sales representatives told me that European deliveries for them are PITA and "more expensive" for the buyer. One even told me that I would pay over the recommended retail price for this privilege. In addition, the buyer is sometimes required to pay a deposit covering about 20% VAT, which must be paid if you do not hand over the car as planned (although I am sure that you will get it back later). What is a reasonable discount on shipping in Europe? It looks like about 7-8% is the standard for shipping to the US. I would be willing to accept a slightly higher price for the experience (I did this with both BMW and Audi, and I liked it). Someone on this site reported that he received a 5% discount on the delivery of a Porsche Euro.
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