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Primarily known as a tuner of Lamborghini and Ferrari supercars, DMC is now ready to introduce its second take on the Porsche Cayenne after the already available '958' at this week's Top Marques Monaco show.

DMC's new package for the Cayenne is called the Terra 650 and it includes a styling kit that can be installed in as little as 2 hours plus a performance upgrade for the Turbo model.

For the exterior, the German tuner offers a six-piece carbon-fiber body kit that includes a new vented hood, more pronounced side skirts, a roof spoiler and mirror caps, plus a front and rear end racing stripes.

The performance upgrade comes via a new bolt-on turbocharger kit featuring turbine wheels made of titanium-aluminium that promises to increase the Cayenne Turbo's output from 493hp (500PS ) to 641hp (650PS).

The German tuning house did not release pricing information for the Terra 650 package.

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