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Do men commonly ignore GPS driving directions?

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Guys, do you commonly ignore your GPS driving directions, or do you stick by it all the way through? People say there GPS systems don't give the best route so they go off route the GPS system recommended, I never had that happen. My GPS always maps out the shortest possible route (it's a iphone!)

From what you seen and with your own experience with people and observing yourself, is the stats true? Do us men tend ignore GPS driving directions?

info from Men more likely to overrule satnavs than women | Reuters

Men are more likely to ignore directions given by their satellite navigation systems than women, a survey has found, confirming the old stereotype that men hate asking for directions.

While 83 percent of male drivers regularly rebel against their sat navs, less than three-quarters of women disobey the devices which UK drivers branded as "untrustworthy" and "inaccurate" in the study by insurance retailer Swinton.

"A sat nav should aid your own navigational abilities rather than replace them," said Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager at Swinton, which found drivers were often right to mistrust the global positioning systems.

Over one third of drivers said their navigation system had led them between one and five miles astray, while more than half said directions provided by global positioning systems had triggered an argument with a passenger.

Of 3,000 motorists surveyed, almost two-thirds said they kept a route map in their vehicles "just in case."
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so true,

if im driving in my own city i usually go with my natural instinct and most of the times i end up where im suppose to be. I find it helps to be familiar with the main streets, makes it much easier to guess where your going.

but im the type to map everything out before hand on google maps or something and remember or write down the directions.
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