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2011 Cayenne Turbo launch edition, with heated/ventilated seats. On driver's side heat and fan are not working. When I press the buttons they light up for a fraction of a second then they go out. Passenger side works fine. Seat moves in all directions without any issues. Here is what I have done so far to debug the problem:
  1. Checked temp sensor behind dash and it is connected.
  2. Swapped passenger and driver's side module (the one with the 7PP959760 label on in) Results: Passenger seat works, just fine, driver's seat still not working. Eliminated the module.
  3. Hooked up the durametric. Could establish communication with the passenger seat but NOT with the drivers seat. Not sure what this means, but it is not a defective module from #3.
Any ideas on what I can do next myself to debug this would be appreciated.

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#1 - the dash sensors (there are a lot of them, not just one) don't link to the heated seats. You can forget about those.
#2 - Good diagnostics. You've narrowed it down to either the circuitry going to the control module, or the heat and fan wiring inside the seat.
#3 - Glad to see you have a diagnostics tool. I looked and couldn't find the wiring diagram for you (and my) '11 TT for the heat/fan in the seats.

AllDataDIY is very sketchy with the seat heat/cooling. It shows connections to the seat, but I couldn't trace where these connections came from. I'd assume a module perhaps controlled by the console switches. Has anything been spilled in the console lately? That would be my first suspicion is a defective switch assembly due to environmental contamination (coffee, water, soda..)

Would I be correct in assuming you've tilted the seat back and checked that all the underseat wiring is correctly connected? And that you've checked all the fuse boxes for a failed fuse?
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