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electrical issue

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i have an 04 cayenne, sometimes the car wont start and i have to let it sit for a while then keep trying and it will start. also the remote doesnt unlock/lock the car. this morning i got in the car and it was dead wouldnt even crank. i checked the voltage at the jump start ports, 2volts. i got it jumpstarted, while running it was showing 14.1volts. i let it run for about 45 mins then shut it off again while still monitoring voltage, found that it stays at 12.6 volts when i shut the key off, then about 5 seconds later theres a click under the drivers seat and the voltage drops rapidly down to like 3v. but then i put the key back in right away and it jumps back to 11.8 volts or so. i got access to the battery under the seat, jumped the car again and watched the voltage at the battery itself, when i shut the key off it did the same but this time i unhooked the ground cable of the battery and let it sit, after 40 mins the battery held 11.9volts. it has an interstate battery that was put in 11/09 but if its holding voltage the battery cant be the problem right? any ideas? common cayenne problems?? thanks
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I don't think the battery is the problem there. Since it held the charge when you took off the ground cable. I suspect there is either a loose battery cable(either positive or negative) or there is something that is draining the battery when the car is not running. When the car is running the alternator is the one taking care of the supplying the power so if your alternator is working you will not notice any drop in voltage.
Hi, my issue is similar. Same year Cayenne, and I'm having similar issues. What have you found? Any progress? Thanks-
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