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The weak global economy is so battered that even the one-percent are feeling the hurt. In the case of premium sports car maker, Porsche, a mid-engine roadster to slot underneath the Boxster was originally intended for introduction by 2014. Designed to be a spiritual successor to the legendary 550 Spyder, the entry-level four cylinder roadster's pricing target was $54,000, which would have made it the least expensive Porsche currently on sale. However, due to financial and market uncertainties, Porsche must now reconsider its plans for the model's future.

According to Porsche CEO, Mattias Mueller, "The financial crisis is real and we need to see how for it develops. If. it leads to a cooling of the auto industry, this would certainly impact our strategy." No official decisions have been disclosed from Porsche but Mueller suggests that a decision on the model's fate may reach soon. If not, the issue will be revisited later in the future.

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