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Big trouble again for Porsche in China. The owner of a Cayenne is seriously fighting a local Porsche dealer in the great city of Taiyuan, and he is using kinda naked painted girls to make his point.

The owner, one Mr. Guo, bought his Cayenne Turbo in July 2011 for 2.7 million yuan. All went fine until July 6 2012 when the brakes failed while Guo was parking his Cayenne in an underground parking lot. The Porsche hit a wall, a passenger got seriously hurt and the front of the car was severely damaged.

Guo went to his dealer to complain about the brakes. He asked for a new brake-system, damages for his injured passenger and for a free repair of his car. The dealer however said there was nothing wrong with the brakes and refused to pay Mr. Guo a single cent. Things went over and over for a few days and in the end Mr. Guo had enough of it, he was gonna shame Porsche-Taiyuan!

He hired two girls and body-painted their kinda naked bodies. The characters mean ‘protect’ (left) and ‘rights’ (right). Note Porsche logo with skull on the left-babe.

Very aggressive indeed. The Porsche actually doesn’t seem so damaged, it loox more like Guo simply took the front-end off. However all may be, Chinese media report that ‘local authorities’ are now involved and did start an investigation into this curious case. I guess they will interrogate the girls first…

Fighting Porsche with kinda Naked Girls in China | CarNewsChina.com - China Auto News
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