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Hi - Bought 2013 Cayenne GTS in Jan 2013. Absolutely love it. My family is convinced that I love my Porsche more than them.

However, now that I've had it for a bit I've noticed little issues that I would not expect from a $100k vehicle. Little rattles here and there. Panoramic sunroof makes a bit of noise when closed. Some backfires when starting car in winter (Chicago winter, housed in garage). Biggest thing that is bothering me is that various warning lights keep going off. Mostly "check engine" Have been told the gas cap wasn't tight or that there was just some glitch in the system. Also just started noticing a tappit engine noise when moving at a very slow speed and press accelerator to speed up. Why. I have 25k miles, had it serviced only at dealer. Any ideas out there. Going to go back to dealer again.

I hope this all works out and I continue to love this vehicle as much as I do now. In 8 years when my last child graduates from college I hope to move on to some version of a 911.

Thanks, L Pepper
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