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For Sale:
set (4) of OEM BBS 21" Sport Classic II wheels from our 2014 Cayenne Turbo (traded in).

Had the tires dismounted (trashed), and the TPMS were shot as well.

4x 21x10H2 ET50
5x130 Bolt pattern
71.6mm Centre Bore

2x are in great condition, no rash, a chip or two in the paint. Hairline streaks visible in certain light angles (depicted in photos).
2x wheels have been completely refinished (welding, painting, machining) and are in exceptional condition. They still have dressings from the wheel company.

The company that refinished them is called Nu-Brite, based in Greater Vancouver. Renowned company with a reputation that grants them a spot at SEMA. Nu-Brite confirmed that all 4 wheels were structurally sound and ran true.

Asking 2800 2000$ USD shipped

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